Anticorrosive protection

Protection of steel structures

Anticorrosive processing of metal is necessary procedure at any construction both industrial, and housing nature. Such processing is necessary to any metal to prolong its service term and to provide durability and reliability of the construction.

All metals are exposed to corrosion. The steel is very exposed to it: being in air environment or soil, it is quickly destroyed by the influence of any atmospheric phenomenon. Corrosion reduces strength of material, reduces physical and chemical properties of metals.

NEVERTHELESS quality and strength of protection depends on quality of paint only for 20 %, other 80 % of success is correct preparation of a material.

Type of coatings

  • Alkyd base paints
  • Acrylic paints
  • Polyurethane
  • Epoxy paints
  • Zinc reach coatings
  • Chemical and acid resistant coatings

Represented brand:

In 1947 Stanley Lapota developed a product to solve the problem for a client.
Now Carboline is a part of RPM International which includes about 300 companies. We are the global supplier of external, internal chemical proof and fireproof coverings, our offices and factories are situated worldwide.

We have a powerful base for work in sphere of coverings. Carbоline takes active part in such professional organizations, as National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC).

Our aim is to satisfy your requirements and expectations, recommending products which provide the right decisions. Carboline became the world quality standard of highly effective external, internal chemical proof and fireproof coverings.


  • Protection of steel and concrete against corrosion, deterioration and weather factors
  • The Covering over the existing systems, poorly prepared surface, or on moist / wet surface
  • Aggressive substances, corrosion high-temperature cargoes in tanks
  • Protection of concrete against chemical splashes and spillages for zones of secondary containment
  • Fast start-up with long service life and color safety
  • Securing of passive fire-protection for industrial and civil objects
  • Underground conditions, corrosion, shock and abrasive resistance
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