Fireproofing of steel structures Pyrocrete

Cementum based fire protection

Pyrocrete 40, Pyrocrete 241 HY, Pyrocrete 241, Pyrocrete 241 HD

Since 1970th Pyrocrete® became the leader of industrial cement fire protection and remains as the most applied material for passive fire protection all over the world, protecting 9 million sq. m of the protected steel constructions. Pyrocrete® is made of high-quality raw materials with application of strict reports on quality control, with involvement of service from UL.
Pyrocrete® is a material possessing high density, for external application, hard usage, and ideal for use in industrial and petrochemical agents. Pyrocrete® – can provide fire resistance of steel constructions, support of tanks, partitions, capacities and terminals with condensed gas or it can be applied to increase the fire resistance of existing concrete. Pyrocrete® is suitable for field, and shop application.


    • Chemical plants
    • Gas-processing factories
    • Capacities with condensed natural gas
    • Capacities with condensed nitrogen
    • Pharmaceutical enterprises
    • Pulp-and-paper plants
    • Nuclear power plants
    • Electric power stations
    • Biomedical institutions
    • Factories and warehouses
    • Commercial buildings

Tested and confirmed

Pyrocrete® has proved service record of its efficiency at influence of the most severe environment conditions and high temperatures of hydrocarbon flame. It also protects steel at real hydrocarbon fire on oil refining and petrochemical objects worldwide.

Certifications and lists::

  • UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories)
    UL 1709 Fire resistance to hydrocarbon flame
    UL 263 (ASTM E-119) Fire resistance to cellulose flame
  • Судовой регистр Ллойда
    Fire resistance to reactive flame A-30, A-60, H-30, H-60, H-120, Firmness of partitions
  • BS-476 Fire resistance to hydrocarbon flame
    HP/A: 30-305
  • FM Global (Factory Mutual)
    Capacities for condensed natural gas
    Steel designs

Test of Pyrocrete® operational properties successfully passed the following test program

  • Influence of reactive flame
  • Influence of extinguisher from fire hoses
  • Cryogenic influence
  • 0,3 МPа explosive influence

Ul tests for atmospheric influences::

Pyrocrete® successfully passed following influences simulating 20 + summer life cycle:

  • Accelerated ageing
  • High moisture
  • Industrial atmosphere
  • Salt spray

Combination “moisturizing/freezing / drying”

Fire protection time

30 – 60 – 120 – 150 minutes

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