Fireproofing of steel structures Thermo-Lag

Fire protection type


Tanks and spheres for combustible liquids storage fire protection. And also fire protection of beams, columns and support of tanks at external operation on epoxy basis.
THERMO-LAG 3000 – two-component epoxy heaving fireproof covering, is applied by dispersion on grounded steel surface.
After hardening becomes reliable protective coating, proof to shipping and assembly loadings. The small thickness of covering gives the designs pleasant appearance at external and internal application. THERMO-LAG 3000 is applied on reservoirs and spheres, and also on columns, beams and support of tanks for protection against influence of a hydrocarbon fire with degree of fire resistance 1, 2, 3 and 4 hours.

Properties and advantages

  • Tested on program UL 1709 for fire resistance degree of 1, 2, 3 and 4 hours
  • The Most effective epoxy fire protection in the market
  • Passes tests UL 1709 on curve sharp growth of flame
  • Provides long-term corrosion and fire protection in one material
  • Strong, durable material which can be applied as in shop, so in field conditions
  • Successfully passed the program of atmospheric tests UL 1709
  • High durability at compression and bend
  • Firmness to explosive influences
  • Low sizes of flame distribution and smoke formation – Class A (ASTM E 84)
  • The lowest density among epoxy at identical fire resistance

How it works

Under the flame influence THERMO-LAG 3000 bloats forming extending isolating coal foam which protects steel construction from collapse during the set time interval. Degree of fire resistance provided by THERMO-LAG 3000 depends on applied thickness, form of construction and its weight.


Classified, certificated or recognized:

  • Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL)
  • Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (LRS)
  • Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
  • Factory Mutual (FM Global)
  • Intertek (ITS)

Products information

*All values on base THERMO-LAG 3000 P

Generic type:
THERMO-LAG 3000 – two-component, epoxy, heaving fireproof covering

Solid residue:
THERMO-LAG 3000 P: 100 %
THERMO-LAG 3000 SP: 95 %

Part A: light grey
Part B: dark grey

Coating method:
Should be applied by skilled applicators by means of equipment for vacuum multicomponent dispersion for THERMO-LAG 3000 P and unicomponent sprayer for THERMO-LAG 3000 SP
Mixing proportion on volume: 1: 1
Viability at 25 °C: 30 minutes
Transportation: 24 h
Top covering: 12 h
Storage temperature: 38 °C maximum

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